Does Religion Really Hinders Advancement?

Advancement in whatever we do can be categorized into so many ways. But it can definitely be categorized into either material advancement or spiritual advancement. These two (2) are the main components of  our identity while we are pursuing our aspirations in life in pursuit of our real happiness … [Read more...]

How Effective Is Chanting The Holy Names?

If you will notice from my previous posts up to the present, you will read and find at the bottom of each posts the phrase: "Please be vegetarian and chant these Holy Names of God: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare / Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare and your life will … [Read more...]

What Is Karma And How Does It Work?

Does every one of us have karma? Or only living entities with bad fate are subjected to karma, or shall we say "karmic reactions" because they were suffering from some sort of discomfort or happiness? According to the vedic texts of ancient India, "karma" or any activity that we are doing is … [Read more...]

How Can We Achieve Peace – A Proposal?

Today and in the future years to come, someone or almost everyone endowed with reasoning power ability is contemplating if can we have complete peace in the whole world. Look at the world trends now in terms of local, international, and global news which can be seen in Televisions, internet, and … [Read more...]

The New Year’s Resolution – 2016

The year 2015 had just passed and 2016 had just entered in our current calculation, as we now know everyone of us may have or, will have to make his or her own new year's resolutions to better their, I think, financial or social positions in all walks of life. Whatever it may be, it is for you and … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Service In All Society

Service, as we know is the essence of all existence of life. For without service, all known societies cannot or will not exist. Now, as we are existing, we are living in the name of service. There are different kinds of services. One service is the service for ourselves.  That is the number one … [Read more...]

My Apology

Today, while I am contemplating to prepare and go for work as I am a mere ordinary government employee, my focus was  on how to regularly post to my blog. I was so worried because I was overwhelmed and burdened with so many office works (paper works and the like) that is required of me everyday, as … [Read more...]

Why There Are Many Calamities Nowadays?

Calamities may come because it is under the laws of nature, which in turn the laws of nature was under the control of God. There is nothing in nature that will not come into existence without the knowledge of someone who has full and absolute control of everything. But sad to say that we do not … [Read more...]